Anniversary Sessions Five reasons to do one

1.  iPhone photos aren’t doing your story justice.

We live in an interesting time. With our iPhones always close, we take more pictures now than ever, but mixed in between the pictures of your lunch and the selfies taken in your car, are there pictures photographed with real intent?

I’m talking about the kind of intent that makes a photograph worthy of being enlarged and placed in a carefully picked out frame and hung over your mantle. When’s the last time you tried to enlarge, or even print, your iPhone photos? If you are one of the few who has tried, you know that they are normally impossible to enlarge and even small prints are very low quality.

I’m guessing when you snap a quick iPhone picture you aren’t thinking about an intent to print, share with loved ones, and leave tangible memories behind. These photographs usually require an experienced photographer with a vision to capture.

An intentional documentation of your story, whatever chapter you are in, is worth having. And it’s yours to share.

2.  Each year is a milestone.

Maybe you’ve been married for twelve years. You love your spouse, but less in the, “We can’t keep our hands off each other,” way and more in the, “I can’t do life without you,” way. You still catch each others’ eye, but now it’s while you are juggling 3 kids at bath time. Your spouse wakes up at 5 am with the baby on a Saturday so you can sleep in, and in that moment you believe it’s the most romantic thing they’ve ever done for you. This is a beautiful and chaotic stage of life you are in and it is worth documenting.

Or maybe you’ve been married for 7 months. The wedding was beautiful and your photographs grace your walls and remind you of blind love. You had no idea marriage would be this challenging yet this incredible. You never thought you could love and hate someone in the same moment. Marriage seems like one big oxymoron to you. Still, you wouldn’t choose anyone else to be on this grand adventure with. You truly understand how sacred marriage is. You are all in.

It is too common for brides to invest in wedding photography only to let years pass before they get in front of a camera again. Was your wedding day the last time you focused on the importance of preserving your memories as a couple? Don’t discount the change and growth in your life. The season you are in today is just as meaningful as the day you wed. And I guarantee you, fifteen years from now you will be thankful for a glimpse into this time.

3.  Marriage is worth celebrating.

Annually you commemorate the date that marks another year together. Why? Because marriage is absolutely worth celebrating! Marriage takes hard work and dedication to one another. Each passing year together is momentous. The growth might not always be measurable, but your active investment in each other is one of the most important things you do in life. Anniversary sessions are the perfect way to honor the fulfillment of another year together.

When you invest both your time and money in an anniversary session you are proving that marriage is worth celebrating.

4.  The world needs a positive image of marriage.

Have you noticed that emphasis seems to always be on the wedding and not the marriage? This has never sat right with me as a wedding is just one day out of a lifetime together! The world desperately needs a reminder of how sacred and special marriage is. Your imperfections as a couple make you perfectly suited to show those around you what a real marriage looks like. I am convinced the world needs a better picture of marriage, full of forgiveness, hope, and selfless love. I’m not suggesting you should always put your relationship on display, but on occasion I believe it’s important. You don’t know who you could impact with your story and candidness together.

5.  It’s fun!

For gals, what’s better than an excuse to buy a pretty new dress and get your hair and makeup professionally done? Not much if you ask me! And for the guys, is there anything better than an afternoon spent kissing and loving on your wife while walking along a gorgeous mountain trail or relaxing on a lake dock? It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and completely at ease. I will likely trip over a tree stump or two, so laughter won’t be in short supply while we create lasting memories together.

I recently photographed a couple celebrating 10 years together, and it was so sweet to capture their love at this milestone. Their thoughts on documenting these moments echo my perspective on the importance of anniversary sessions: “We were so lucky to have you capture us at this time in our lives. Your vision was absolutely spot on and your style of photography resonates with us the most – plus, you made us feel so comfortable! We will enjoy the images for years to come.” Taking time to focus on creating memories of the two of you that you can look back on through the rest of your lives isn’t something you’ll regret.

Send me an email today and let’s book your anniversary session!

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