Madera Albums

The emotional connection between my clients and their wedding images fuels me. It’s humbling to realize that the images I capture are going to be passed on for generations. This motivates me to provide pictures full of emotion that tell the story of a wedding day. Each image is a part of that incredibly special story.

Unfortunately, I believe this digital age has hindered this connection. Seeing an image on a monitor will never be the same as having a product or print to hold. Because I believe in the importance of printing your pictures, over a year ago I began to search for the perfect album.  When I discovered Madera Books I knew I had found the perfect way to offer my clients a tangible object.

I was thrilled to finally find an affordable album company that does not compromise on quality. Thick pages that lay perfectly flat, custom imprinting, beautiful leather, linen or portrait cover options,  I couldn’t love Madera albums more!

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